Integrate Git with Eclipse: Go Team Go!

One of the most interesting thing to do for a programmer whether he is student or professional is to team up with other guys in school/college/work and create a project. That’s the real fun.

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Gitting all the way

Recently I have made all projects of mine to use git and they are sitting on GitHub. The conversion process was painful but it was worth it. I was tired of maintaining all the projects manually and they were going nowhere. Because I work in different computers or in different Operating systems time to time […]

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Read the Docs!

The number of API for the same functionality is large… Some live, some die and some are legendary. But whatever the reputation, it always takes a toll on the developer in terms of learning them. Some APIs are good at abstracting their usage but with the cost of functionality. Developers must be aware of the […]

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Choosing sides…

I have been using C and found it to be efficient than C++ just because of it’s compatibility in wide range of systems and no overhead at all unlike Java and C++. I believed that all that object creation and templates in C++ might slow down my program. Even though it is true in some […]

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Why I settled with FLTK…

For those who don’t know what is FLTK, FLTK is a C library used for creating GUI windows. I am one of the programmers who wanted to write code that actually interacts with the underlying hardware and see how it works. I wanted to create frame buffers, I did’nt wanted even a little abstraction until […]

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Is it worth to learn Python?

This might be seriously late post because of the popularity gained by python some few years ago. So, I’ll try to be short and informative as possible. You may heard of python being called as interpretted language. What does that really mean? Developing a program has the following process(perspective of a programmer) C/C++ Code  –> Compile […]

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