Learn C/C++, but why?

With languages  like Java, Python ruling the world. Why would anyone want to learn C/C++, right? but seriously there are too much reason for why. 

Like the Terminator said, “Old but not Obsolete”  C has already gone throgh many revisions and will continue to evolve. Funny cause there is C dialect called ArnoldC.

One interesting fact about C is it has more than hundreads of libraries(decent ones) since it’s inception, which range from GUI Framework to Quantum Computing(eventually). C++ being a successor to C has OOP concepts implemented and works with C code and also supports the C libraries.

With Java promising things like, “Write once Run everywhere” beats C compilers to dirt when taken the factors of Cross-platform, portability and code maintainability. Cross-Platform capabilities can be achieved in C, but they are bit tricky and it requires a great knowledge of the platform one is working on. Projects such as make does a major job in reducing this problem. Though one should learn to use ‘make’.
Here’s a biggie, guess the language used for writing Operating Systems such as Windows, Max and Linux. You guessed it right, it is C/C++. If you ever were wandering around the source code of Android Open Source Project(AOSP) you can notice C source, headers, and Android.mk(make project files) lying around. Hope this gave a understanding about the advantages in C/C++ and a understanding of where it falls short.


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