Is it worth to learn Python?

This might be seriously late post because of the popularity gained by python some few years ago. So, I’ll try to be short and informative as possible.

You may heard of python being called as interpretted language. What does that really mean?

Developing a program has the following process(perspective of a programmer)


Code  –> Compile –> Machine Code(Program)

With Python

Code (Program)

This was the best example that I was able to pull out from my mind, for pointing out where python is superior to other languages.

That being said, C/C++ and Assembly have their advantages. Those hours of code compilations and linking does not go in vain.

For whom python is good for

  • For beginners who are diving into the world of programming
  • Good for anyone with heuristic goals
  • For someone who expects code portability rather than speed of execution

For whom python is unsuited

  • For those trying to create a OS, Kernel, etc..
  • For those who are creating system software such as File manager, Image Viewer, and other applications which uses extensive use of CPU and hardware resources.

Anyway, whether you’re new to programming or an experienced developer, it’s easy to learn and use Python.  It might come handy…


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